Art is Fun


The Call

The Denver Art Museum approached Image Brew to help produce a commercial that would encourage more families with children to attend the museum over the summer months. The stereotype was that an art museum would not be an appropriate place to bring kids who have lots of energy, right? However, the Denver Art Museum has countless interactive exhibits that are quite the opposite of a typical quiet gallery. Our team took this opportunity to write a fun, comedic script that shows a father and his kids having fun with exhibits, exploring, and learning while doing so.

Technical Production

The museum helped our production team wrangle extras to make the museum look busy since we shot on a day that the museum was closed. We had to move swiftly through the entire museum within our one production day, so that we could shoot several exhibits for our video. One of the unique challenges that we encountered with this project was that the client wanted not only an English version, but a Spanish version for broadcast television as well. We found great talent who were bilingual and up for the challenge of shooting every scene in two different languages.


When we are producing a commercial like this, we settle on a very specific script and storyboard in advance of production. When we have a good plan in place, and the shoot is successful, the post-production is a fluid, exciting process. This is when the real magic happens of adding color correction, music, and a professional sound mix.

Results & Client Feedback

We delivered this commercial not only as a 30 second version, but also a 15 second cut down. The moment this commercial started to air on local television networks, the Denver Art Museum heard immediate responses from families in the community. The commercial created lots of buzz and brought in a huge amount of awareness to the interactive exhibits available, and significantly increased attendance for the target time period.

Since the original commercial, the museum has licensed the RAW video material to use in a series of additional, new campaigns targeted at Children and Families. That's a success in our eyes if they see long term value like that. 

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