Water Matters


The Call

Water For People is a Denver based non-profit that provides water and sanitation projects to developing countries globally. Holding their first ever Festival For Water in Civic Center Park to raise awareness on the global water crisis, they reached out for our help. Originally thinking they would just produce a video montage of band images with a voiceover offering the festival details, we encouraged them to focus more on story.

Marketing departments are often given a huge amount pf pressure to generate buzz, create leads, or point prospects to sales conversion. It's no wonder they usually default to smashing as much information, features, and benefits into a short video. We always encourage what creative ideas might be available as an alternative, with a focus on branded content that feels more entertaining, with less emphasis on the project, to connect more successfully with their audience. As any viewer if they'd rather watch an informational driven ad, or a story driven ad, I bet you a beer that 9 out of 10 would pick the story!

Prep & Production

Working with the NixBros as our writers and Directors, we pitched the client on maximizing their budget and creating a series at lower production values than 1 video at a higher production value. We created a series of 4 comedic web videos around the theme “Water Matters.”

Casting a handful of Denver stand up comedians, we wrote short and sweet scripts that poke fun at how uncomfortable life would be without water. The scripts were minimal in dialogue, which allowed for an improvised production that we were able to shoot quickly and efficiently. Our crew was a super small team of two so we could bang these out and remain on budget and schedule. Remember - the client came to us asking for one video, and we asked them if we could do four! In these circumstances, you can't screw it up. 


Since these were scripted spots, the edit was all about diving into the material quickly after the shoot, finding the comedic gems, and begin fine tuning and experimenting with timing. We really value when a client gives us the creative freedom to run with an edit, and make many of the quick experimental decisions with our heads down so we can present something awesome, rather than bogging down everyones schedule with countless reviews and versions. 

Results & Client Feedback

One huge value add in creating a mini “series” like this instead of just one video is so the organization can release the videos over time (weekly/monthly) on social media, drumming up interest and excitement for the festival. The videos garnered tons of buzz not only from the general public, but also internally at the WFP organization. Watch the other three videos, "Marco Polo", “Coffee” and “Shampoo.”

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