Magellan Rubin

Narrative - Drama - Sports


Magellan Rubin was first introduced to the power of the moving image when his family of seven would gather on Friday nights to watch a movie. As they packed on the couch, Magellan quietly took note of the goosebump-raising experience of seeing something extraordinary on a big screen. It wasn't until many years later, though, that he really started to pursue storytelling of his own.

Magellan was subsequently introduced to the commercial side of filmmaking when he studied advertising at the University of Colorado. Fast forward to today, Magellan is an award-winning filmmaker and creative director who has worked with production companies and advertising agencies for brands like Delta Airlines, Chili's, Capital One, Dish Network, Duke University, and more. His current portfolio also includes content ranging from an Emmy-winning documentary to music videos and a feature-length film. Magellan uses his love for narrative and branded media to tell impactful stories that arouse emotion and challenge the limits of storytelling.