Seneca, aka "Sennie"

Seneca is a pure-bread golden retriever from a farm in Northern Colorado that breeds horses and Goldens. She's always available for a hug, a couch nap, or a walk around the block. You may notice her in a few of the commercial spots we've produced over the years, including a Wyoming Quit Tobacco commercial.

Below are a couple fun edits we made years and years ago when Seneca first joined the team. You can safely say that she's gone from these "amateurish" videos to the big screen of national commercials! We love you Seneca! Year after year, she keeps us relaxed in the work place.

Here's the new Image Brew mascot Seneca playing in the park.
Our new office dog can really run, fast. Instead of speeding things up this week, we decided to slow things down. Every clip here is shown at half the speed our eye sees Seneca run. Enjoy!