At Image Brew, we offer a variety of professional video production equipment and a professional studio space for rent.


Equipment Rentals

  • Professional Cinema/Video Cameras

  • Cinema Lenses

  • Camera Support

  • Grip & Electric

  • Production Audio

IMG_7461 (2).JPG


40’ x 25’ triple cyc wall studio, Daily or hourly rental rates are negotiable.

  • Ceiling mounted light grid

  • Acoustically treated

  • Increased AC power for up to 15,000 Watts

  • Driveway and garage door with direct studio access

Standard hourly rate of $50/hr, with a minimum of 3 hours. 

  • Discounted 5-hour half day for $200, or a 10-hour full day for $400.

  • Weekend bookings add $50 for a half day, or $100 for a full day, to cover off-hour building host.